We don't often do sales so this is unchartered territory for us. But we know that a lot of you guys came with your cards ready to SPENDT so we wanted to make sure that everything was super clear for you guys!

Is Black Wellness Week the same as Black Friday?

Bay-bee! Black Wellness Week is so much more. Whilst you get the same experience of saving cash dollar, we wanted to take this moment to really spotlight an issue that's close to home for us and that is self care for Black women. With that in mind, we've partnered with Black-female owned brands to not only share businesses that have self-care at their core, but are founded by brilliant Black women.

When does it start and end?

It starts Monday 22nd 12AM GMT. As for the end date, we're thinking 29th but it really depends how long stocks last - if it's gone, it's gone.

What about responses?

This is going to be one of our busiest times. And so whilst we'll still be giving every message you send us the love and attention it requires, we're likely going to take a little bit more time to respond. To make it easier to get back to you as fast as possible, make sure you include as much information about your query in the first email.

Which items will be discounted?

If it's on the Ruka hair website, it's going to be discounted. Our partner brands will also have their own discounts that we'll share on their spotlight pages.

How do the Ruka discounts work?

Our discounts are split by the type of product you are purchasing. These will be automatically applied once you check out.

For V2 products (these are any products outside of the Clearance):

  • Below £250 gets 15% off
  • Spend £250 or more 20% off
  • Spend £400 or more £400 25% off
  • Spend £500 or more 30% off and a free brush

V1 (Clearance products from the prior season):

  • 40% off
  • 50% off for one product

Can I return or exchange sale items?

Clearance items can't be returned or exchanged. However, Black Friday sale items can be exchanged only.

What about shipping times?

Your shipping timeframe will begin once your package has been dispatched from our warehouse. We know that waiting for your goods to be delivered can sometimes feel like a lifetime. But make sure to pay attention to the shipping information for each product. Some products will still be available for next day or standard shipping. However, certain products will only be available on pre-order, which on average takes 10 working days.

If there's any questions we haven't answered, drop us an email at help@rukahair.com