Black Wellness Week

How are you doing?

Black Girl Wellness is a new cultural renaissance (as referred to by Dominique Fluker of Coveteur). Self-care is an act of resistance for Black women. And that’s why the theme for our Cyber Week is WELLNESS. We don’t believe in the narrative of the strong black woman that has led our health and wellness being second-rate. 

For years, it has been a conversation that Black women haven’t always been included in. We’ve seen Black women being held as the ‘pillar of strength’ who can hold all things together under any and all types of stress or even abuse. This sentiment has created a disparity in experience and services, with Black women being 50% less likely to seek counselling than White women. 

Now there are plenty more qualified brands and professionals in the space who are already tackling this issue than us, which is why we decided to collaborate with them. The Brand Directory below contains a curated list of Black female-owned businesses and partners who provide products that contribute to wellness and self-care. They’ve shared with us Black Wellness Week discounts for you to use during this cyber week, as well as being kind enough to share gift sets for giveaways running all week on the Ruka instagram. 

How are you going to take care of yourself this week?

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Are we in our own directory? Of course. Being able to do your hair without the stress should be a prerequisite to purchasing extensions. So we’re here to do the Lord’s work and save your aching arms from hours of blending because your clip-ins are the wrong texture. We’ve also added some fun discounts for the duration of Black Wellness Week. 

Love, your Curly Godmother.

A Complexion Co

Supplements aid in making sure you have all the nutrients your body needs and Lord knows we really take shortcuts in getting all the vitamins our body needs. 


Nomshado Michelle Baca founded this eco-luxury wellness brand around a single-source superfood supplement powder called Moringa. It’s been coined the most powerful natural multi-vitamin and antioxidant on earth, used for centuries in African-native holistic practices to enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Affirmation Culture

Monique Brown founded this company in New York, with the firm believe that mental wellbeing and how you feel about yourself is key to holistic wellness and self-care. 


Their hand poured and ethically product candles are not only made with essential oil blends to help you relax - but also come with 1 of 20 positive affirmation cards to stimulate thoughts of self-love, empowerment and inner peace.

Black Minds Matter

People doing the do! BMM’s mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services, by professional Black therapists to support their mental health.


They are removing the stigma and remodelling the services to be relevant for the Black community. Agnes Mwakatuma, we stan and grateful that you are you’re working to provide a service that is so necessary for the healing of the trauma in our community. 


In the Nigerian dialect of Ebira, Epara means to ‘cocoon oneself’ and let me tell you - we’d like to wrap ourselves in the healing goodness of these products!


Ozohu Adoh went from her MBA at Oxford, to developing this line. It’s scientific formulations harness the healing, antioxidant and nurturing properties of African botanicals to give you an overall healthy and radiant skin with particular focus on hyperpigmentation and hydration.


Feliciana St.Matthew Daniels takes pride in ‘transforming spaces, transforming lives’ and through this love for interiors, created FÉLIE Home. 


We all know what it’s like to walk into your place of rest and it have the right energy. The contemporary and innovative pieces provides an ambiance and atmosphere of dreams.

Latticia Organics

From the dry body brushes to the bath, body and hair oil, each Latticia Organics product is developed to ensure that it is multi-use, organic, vegan and ethical.


This is because Latticia’s own story was one filled with skin troubles and so taking inspiration from her Mother’s holistic lifestyle, she found pure ingredients and formulated a range to enhance her wellness first approach to healthier skin.


Abi and Liha met at university in 1998 and have been close ever since. Liha learnt aromatherapy from her Mother and the Yoruba tradition of making beautifying oils and soaps was passed down. Whilst Abi’s travelling meant she brought back a variety of ingredients back to the UK, especially that good Nigerian Shea from her Father’s town.


Together, they’ve created beauty products that are, like them, a mixture of natural African roots with a quintessentially British attitude.

Oré mi

Oré mi is an independent wellbeing brand founded in 2019. We create handmade lifestyle products with luxurious, lasting scents. Each one is made in south London, inspired by our Nigerian heritage.


Oré mi – an expression which meansmy friendin Yoruba – was founded by Karen Olla in 2019. The brand melds Karen’s Nigerian heritage with her upbringing in London, in a collection of warm, grounding and restorative scents which draw upon her life experience.