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  • Misseti is wearing 22"

  • Misseti is wearing 22"

  • Misseti is wearing 22"

  • Misseti is wearing 22"

  • Misseti is wearing 22"

  • Misseti is wearing 22"

  • Misseti is wearing 22"

Makin' Waves Clip-ins

Whether you're going for soft & natural or super defined

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Why have we discontinued Makin’ Waves?

A lot of decisions made here at Ruka HQ are driven by your feedback as we value your thoughts! Through intensive quality control checks, we have found there to be inconsistency with this texture which we are working to improve. But don’t worry this is not a goodbye but a ‘c you l8r’ in the meantime grab the last remaining quality controlled stock while you can!

Whether you're going for soft beach waves or defined bouncy ones, these clip ins will help you do just that - comfortably, seamlessly, and effortlessly.


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- 100% Virgin Human Hair
- Easy to install
- Chemical-free
- Can apply heat and can be dyed
- Ethically sourced

The weights for the hair products are:
12" - 14" = 160g
16" - 18" = 180g
20" - 22" = 200g
24" = 220g

Free Delivery for orders over £90 (UK)
We ship to the UK, US & Europe
Free 30 day returns (UK)
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Step by Step guide

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Step 1

Generously spritz each row of clip ins and your own hair with a mix of water and your favourite leave-in conditioner.

Step 2

Part a section of hair at the back of your head that is about 2 fingers wide. Open the clips by pushing them outwards in the middle, and insert your first row of clip ins into your head by sliding them into the hair at the part. To secure the clips, push the sides of each clip against your head so they can pop shut. Make sure to always use a row that matches the width of the section

Step 3

Continue installing your clip ins at 2 inch intervals until you reach your desired hair volume.

Step 4

Brush through your leave-out and extensions together using a curl defining brush for a seamless blend. Give it to them!