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Makin' Waves Closure

The only kind of closure you will ever really need.

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Why have we discontinued Makin’ Waves?

A lot of decisions made here at Ruka HQ are driven by your feedback as we value your thoughts! Through intensive quality control checks, we have found there to be inconsistency with this texture which we are working to improve. But don’t worry this is not a goodbye but a ‘c you l8r’ in the meantime grab the last remaining quality controlled stock while you can!

The only kind of closure you will ever really need. Our HD lace has been nicknamed everything from 'ultra thin' to 'undetectable' lace, because that is exactly what it is. Available in 5*5 and 7*7 to finish of your wigs, and have us all asking the million dollar question; "Lace where?!"


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Please note this product is not a full wig - this is a closure that can be used with bundles to create a wig!

- 100% Virgin Human Hair
- Easy to install
- Chemical-free
- Can apply heat and can be dyed
- Ethically sourced

The weights for the hair products are:
14” = 33g
16” = 37g
18” = 40g
20” = 44g
22” = 48g

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Step by Step guide

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Step 1

So you got a Ruka wig made, huh? We see you! Apply your favourite leave-in and put your hair back into a flat low bun, plaits, or cornrows.

Step 2

Put on a skin coloured wig cap to cover all your hair and create a bald cap look.

Step 3

Put on your wig and very gently pull the lace area forward to about an inch in front of your wig cap.

Step 4

Define or fluff out your curls and kinks as you please to style. How will they know?